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The EOES association is a non a non-profit association (NPO) as defined by Luxembourg law. The EOES NPO promotes science education for secondary school pupils in the European Union (EU). This objective is achieved through experimental and laboratory activities in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics.

In particular, the EOES association ensures the organisation of an annual competition called the European Olympiad of Experimental Science (EOES). In bringing together gifted students, the EOES competition challenges and stimulates these students to expand their talents and to promote their future careers as scientists.

During this competition scientists from all over Europe exchange ideas and materials on science education, with a focus on experimental sciences.

The EOES association is only open to Member States of the European Union (EU), i.e. the members of the EOES association are the country representatives (CCs) of the E.U. countries.

More information about the EOES members
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Our aims

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To value curiosity and to empower young people to develop their interest in sciences.

Team spirit
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To value curiosity and to empower young people to develop their interest in sciences.

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To identify scientifically gifted students and to stimulate their talents further.

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To set new standards in the education and assessment of highly gifted science students.

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Open mind
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To promote open-mindedness in order to give a fair and impartial hearing to the intellectual opposition.

Legal info
Registered office:
1, Rue du Lycée
L-8508 Redange/Alert
RCS number: F13084