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The Executive Board (EB) is the EOES association's executive body that enacts the rules and guidelines of the association. It represents the association legally and manages its daily affairs.

The members of the EB illustrate the diversity of this European competition.


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Jonas Forshamn

CC Sweden

Jonas Forshamn has a master's degree in physics and is a teacher at the KITA Gymnasium in Gothenburg.

He is passionate about physics and stimulates his students to participate in the Swedish Wallenberg Physics Prize as a way to increase their interest in the subject.


Vice President

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Katja Stopar

CC Slovenia

Katja Stopar has a master's degree in biological sciences. Since 1998, she has been teaching biology to high school students, and in recent years she has also taken care of the pedagogical coordination of the sports department at the Ravne na Koroškem High School.

In addition to her regular official duties, she is actively involved in the work of the National Subject Committee for the General Baccalaureate for Biology and natural science knowledge competitions organized by the Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia (ZOTKS).



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Agnese Kokina

CC Latvia

Agnese Kokina is a PhD student at the University of Latvia and an acting Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Human Physiology and Biochemistry of the Riga Strains University.



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Jeff Kohnen

CC Luxembourg

Jeff Kohnen is a biologist who coordinates the national and international science olympiads in Luxembourg.

As director of the Atert-lycée, a secondary school in Redange, he is an ardent promoter of quality science education and knows how to inspire youngsters.


Officer for Science & Assessment

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Burkhard Schroeter

CC Germany

Burkhard Schroeter has a doctoral degree in biology and is Research Scientist at the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) in Kiel.

He is also German CC for the International Biology Olympiad.